Thursday, August 4, 2016

Virtual Wall Lighthouse uses an invisible infrared signal to help Roomba achieve the most efficient and thorough room-to-room cleaning. Contains Roomba in one room until the room is completely vacuumed then directs Roomba to clean the next room. Also blocks off-limit areas in your home.

For over 20 years, iRobot® has been developing leading-edge technologies to fulfil its simple mission statement: to create robots that make a difference to people’s lives. So far, our robots have made a difference in the world’s combat zones and at natural disasters, they have explored the oceans and have been designed for space travel… and are in millions of homes around the world. Ten years ago, we unveiled the first Roomba® vacuum-cleaning robot to the world and the latest 700 Series is our 6th generation. iRobot is a robotics company, not an electronics one; we only make robots. So you can be sure our robots are ‘fit for purpose’. And Roomba’s purpose is to clean floors.

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